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Desertification control sample projects

date:2013-11-28 00:40:09      views:23115

On November 12, 2013, the State Environmental Protection Department commended zhenfa new energy in Gulang County of the recently finished building a 500MW solar power station phase II works on "industrial sand-" new model.


Recently, the road in Gulang County of wuwei city, Gansu province is located in the beach forest zhenfa new energy of the desert area of North Gulang County, 500MW solar power station phase II project has been completed, this collection of photovoltaic power generation, desert control, modern agriculture, poverty relief and development in one of the PV industry and "industrial sand" demonstration bases, covers an area of nearly a million acres of photovoltaic panels, the control room has been put in operation.


As a key investment project of Gulang County, Zhen FA new energy 500MW solar power station in Gulang County, covers an area of 23800, with a total investment of 6.8 billion yuan, construction in crossing the beach tree farm northern desert region. Plans are built within 2 years time the total installed capacity of 500MW of Gansu's first photovoltaic power plant in the desert, desert control and synchronization completes 18,000 acres, built the facility agriculture and the desert 5000 acres of cash crops, so as to blaze a PV, desert control, modern agriculture, poverty relief and development in one of the PV industry and "industrial sand-" new model.


Desert PV station general construction ideas that to PV station mainly, perimeter by grass square putts and plantation composition protective system, infield road sides planting shelterbelt with, PV Board following installation drip irrigation facilities, Middle clearing construction small arch shed, planting vegetable class sand born plant, things to of clearing Shang construction steel agricultural big shed, planting fruits and vegetables and the herbal material, efficient cash crops, eventually in station within formed grass square, and small arch shed and steel agricultural big shed phase combines of ecological sand mode.

In addition, the 500MW desert solar power project is completed, annual output of 800 million KWh, expected annual sales on average a profit of 160 million Yuan, can resolve the nearly thousand jobs, 237,000 tons of standard coal per year savings and reduce pollutant emissions at 765,000 tons/year, on improving industrial added-value and the corresponding taxes, are of great significance for the sustainable development of local economy.