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201312 Sina 《Wuxi Businessman》:The Invisible King of PV Power Plant

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He founded the domestic leader enterprise in PV end-market by himself; He believes firmly that New Energy has a promising future.

During the interview of Mr. Zha, so many soul-stirring and inspiring stories in his chase for the Solar over the past decade were mentioned by him lightly. However, when we think back, we can figure out his low profile and outstanding. Zha Zhengfa, like the eagle standing on the mountain, staring at the sun, saving his power and spreading his wings someday, pierces the clouds and mist and fights against wind and rain under the golden sun.


Before it is perceived by his opponents, “eagle eye”has locked his destination and made a great achievement.

Mr. Zha always believes that: “ it is better to develop the solar power station rather than establish one PV factory”. Under this belief Zhenfa New Energy becomes one of the most successful enterprises in PV end-market when other PV Industries suffer from Depression time. 


When we look back ten years, in 20014 it is the golden time for the whole domestic PV Industries. Compared with the downstream of PV industry chain, the upstream, no matter silicon wafer industry or silicon production industry, has a big profit. When most companies devoted themselves to production of PV cells or modules, Mr. Zha made a decision that: arming at the PV end-market and focusing on the establishment of PV power station.


In 2011 “Excess Capacity” has broken so many people’s PV-Dream. However, this is the beginning of spring for Zhenfa New Energy. Over these years’ development Zhenfa becomes the earliest PV power operator, EPC and System Integrator of PV power station.


we always admire the beatuy of flowers but its sprout was watered by tears of strugle and rained by blood of sacrifice


When he looked back to the past, he says frankly that he has no regret. While the PV Module factory earned big profits and Central Enterprises monopolized the construction of PV power plant, Zhenfa had a hard time, “even sometimes can not pay for our Employee’s salary. ”


But finally at the year of 2009, Mr. Zha together with his employee had made a great achievement: they built the first domestic Ecological Solar Plants on the desert in Zhongwei, Ningxia Province. After this, Zhenfa built the largest domestic solar tracking PV plant in Gansu Province, the first Ecological Solar Plants on the desert in Gansu Province…It helps reduce land surface temperature and evaporation capacity of the area where it is built through solar arrays’ the absorption and shielding of sun light, thus contributes to the survival and growth of local plants as well as the prevention and cure of desertification.


Meanwhile Zhenfa develops PV power plant in Western actively, “She” also devotes himself to the development of economy in Eastern: the First Intertidal Zone Solar Plant, the First Solar & Fishery Hybrid Solar Plant, Integrated Agriculture PV Power Plant…


When the eagle, Mr. Zha soars to the sky, he will reach the untouchable height.


Now the investment of Solar Power Plant becomes a more and more popular topic, Mr. Zha is one of the leader in this industry. However facing the ups and downs over past decade, Mr. Zha knows better that: there is no immortal winner in the market, only the promotion of core competence can promote the development of Zhenfa New Energy. 

This year, 100MW PV power plant, which is contributed by Zhenfa New Energy was built successfully in Jinchang. The applied core technology is solar tracking system, which is invented and acquired the national patent for an invention by Zhenfa. By using this sun tracking system, it can increase the performance of solar projects by around 30%. 
Chasing for sun without no regret, Zha Zhengfa and his Zhenfa New Energy, like an eagle run across sea of clouds and soar into the sky. 
Figure file:Zha Zhengfa, born in 1968 in Huaining, Anhui Province, member of Communist Party of China, now is chairman of Zhenfa New Energy Co., Ltd, vice-chairman of china private economy international cooperation chamber of commerce, member of Jiangsu PV industry association and vice-chairman of Wuxi PV industry association. 
Recommended reason: he and his Zhenfa pay attention to technological innovation, model innovation and market innovation. Zhenfa built so many PV power plants which are “domestic First” in many field and also via technological accumulation and innovation acquired 36 national patents of PV power generation. At present the accumulative installation capacity has reached 2000MW.