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Zha Zhengfa’s Speech at the Global Green Economy Fortune Forum

date:2014-09-11 16:49:32      views:27132

The supersonic development of China’s economy has attracted the worldwide attention, the developing mode, however, has consumed a mass of energy and thus brought a series of environmental problems, therefore, to acquire the green developing mode has become the consensus of the society at large. The very essence of the green economy is the sustainable development of economy whose core is ecological, recyclable and economically coordinated development. The green economy reflexes the harmonious co-existence of the nature and human beings, and thus deserves the joint efforts of the entire human society. Those who know the energy know the future, the development of green economy shall go with the exploit of green energy. China’s energy development road is bound to be a green and clean energy road, and only this road can meet the development of human society and the requirement of eco-civilization.


It is universally agreed that the solar energy deserves respect as a new energy due to its features as clean, environmentally friendly, zero pollution and high value of use. These advantages cement the solar energy’s irreplaceable position in the history of energy development.


Zhenfa New Energy has been focusing upon the solar energy terminal application market since its establishment, and is a professional system integrator who owns its core technology. Currently, the company has mainly two directions of development. One is the east line: to build a thousand miles of green electricity corridor on the intertidal zones along the east coast from Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Shandong to Tianjin Bohai Gulf; the other is the west line: to pave a green electricity Silk Road in the west along the ancient Silk Road starting from the ancient capital Xi’an and passing Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang. After years of efforts, Zhenfa has achieved the stage progress upon both the east and west lines, and the company will take this progress as the foundation to create a green power network connecting Asia, Europe and Africa, providing clean energy 24 hours a day. So far, the company has been able to reduce the power generation cost to ¥0.60/kWh, and is trying their utmost to continue reducing the generation cost to ¥0.50/kWh by 2020. We have made a short film for everyone to watch.

Thanks for watching! We believe that taking Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei as the center, the new Silk Road economic belt will link the east and the west, and embrace a sound development!


Zhenfa New Energy wishes to combine the new energy with modern agriculture, modern transportation and the treatment of desertification, and work together with everybody else to make contributions to the development of green economy!


Thank you all again!