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EPC Bidding for 100MW Solar Power Plant of Zhenfa Pakistan New Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. (revised)

date:2017-05-18 09:53:16      views:9071

1. Project Name: 100MW Solar Power Plant of Zhenfa Pakistan New Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. 
2. Tender Number: NYJTZF2017-01
3. Release Date: 15th May 2017
4. Project Overview and Bidding Scope
4.1 Project Implementation Site: Layyah District Punjab Province Pakistan
4.2 Scale of construction: 100MW 
4.3 Planned Project Duration: 10 months 
4.4 Bidding Scope: the bidder should be responsibility for the E&P and/or E&C work for the above solar power plant, including design, procurement, installation, debugging, training, inspection, commissioning (3months), operation of monitoring system, acceptance check and operation and maintenance in quality guarantee period, and the bidder should be responsibility for the approval or check procedure and coordination with power supply department on the owner’s behalf. 
4.5 Quality standard: the products and installation shall meet current national standard and with certificates.
4.6 Warranty period: 5 years after final acceptance of the project
5. Details and technical index: see attachment 1. 
6. Qualification requirement of bidder 
6.1 Bidders should be registered with their respective governments for manufacturing of solar equipment and/or performance of engineering work. This bidding is an international bidding; the foreign or Chinese company which meets the requirement can attend this bidding. 
6.2 The bidders who attend E+P bidding should meet international standards for manufacturing of equipment such as IEC etc. and provide the authorization letter of main components company for this bidding. The Bidders who attend E+C should register with engineering councils in their respective countries for performance of Electrical, Mechanical and Civil works.
6.3 Bidders should be financially capable to perform either EPC or separately E&P or E&C work. The E+P bidder should provide the credit certificate from bank and the register capital should be more than 10 million RMB, the date of establishment should be more than 3 years. The E+C bidder should have a register capital more than 10 million RMB. Three years audited financial statements are to be attached with bids. 
6.4 The bidder should have good business reputation and the bank account should not be taken over, frozen or bankrupt. 
6.5 united bidding is not acceptable. Bidders can free to bid for complete EPC or E&P or E&P separately.
6.6 The bidder should have the capability of long term service in Pakistan (including but not limited debugging, customer service after O&M etc.)
7. Release information of bidding documents
Release time: 15th May 2017 to 19th May 2017
Release place: 33rd floor Jieneng & Huanbao Building No. 99 West Jianzhu Road, Wuxi
Release method: purchase at site 
Release price: 200 RMB per bidder 
Other matters of concern: when purchase the bidding documents, the bidder should take the certificate of legal representative, power of attorney (for consignor), business license (original or hardcopy with stamp), the hardcopy will be preserved by zhenfa. 
8. Reception information of bidding documents: 
Deadline of reception: 13 o’clock 22nd May 2017
Reception place: 33rd Floor Jieneng & Huanbao Building No. 99 West Jianzhu Road, Wuxi
9. Relevant information of bidding: 
Bid opening date: 22nd May 2017
Bid opening place: 33rd Floor Jieneng & Huanbao Building No. 99 West Jianzhu Road, Wuxi
10. Contact information: 
Contact person: Mr. Zhang 
Contact Number: 18652456630 
Contact address: 33rd Floor Jieneng & Huanbao Building No. 99 West Jianzhu Road, Wuxi
Attachment 1: Estimate Budget for Initial Design